Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Steam Train in the Valley

On Saturday May 30th a steam train passed through the Hope Valley.

This train to be precise:

A circular tour which has always been one our most popular and there is really no surprise when the route takes in both the Settle Carlisle and the East Coast route through Berwick. The Settle Carlisle needs no introduction with its fabulous scenery but less well known perhaps is that this beautiful scenery continues from Carlisle, over Beattock and through Carstairs right on to Edinburgh where we break for two to three hours. On leaving Edinburgh the light spring evenings allow us to enjoy the sweeping sea views along the East Coast through Berwick and Alnmouth towards Newcastle and home. As a guide we expect to depart St Neots around 0600, Peterborough around 0630 and Doncaster around 0800. After a break in Edinburgh of two to three hours we expect to arrive back into Doncaster around 2100, Peterborough approx 2230 and St Neots around 2300.

The view down the track from the platform is rather obscured by the curve of the line, and the train was going at a fair lick, but I got a couple of half-decent pictures.

The train coming in under the bridge:
Steam Train Bamford Station 300515 (8).JPG

Cropping the same picture for a better view of the engine:
Steam Train Bamford Station 300515 (8a).jpg

And I just managed a shot of the carriages rushing by:
Steam Train Bamford Station 300515 (9).JPG

In August work are organising a day trip to York. Expect some less frantic pictures of steam locos after that.
Tags: industrial heritage, inspiration, out and about, photos, real life, steam
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