Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

The Fitzwilliam Tour at Wentworth Woodhouse

On Sunday the 30th of May I paid a visit to Wentworth Woodhouse. The house is for sale, but the tours are continuing. The front of the house is the longest in England, and very difficult to fit into one camera shot...

The East Front from far off:
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (3).JPG

And from a bit closer:
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (6).JPG

Visitors can't take photos inside, but there are currently a fair few up to date views of the rooms on the estate agent's website, including the Whistlejacket Room (with 'that horse that looks like our Shah') and one of the rooms that was repainted for the filming of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. The house is very impressive, even with so many rooms empty and in need of serious renovations (last thing I heard, the multi-million pound court case against British Coal was still ongoing, so the house continues to fall into the mines at one end).

However, once we went out of the house to explore what's left of the gardens (and the parts that have been restored following the post WWII opencast mining operations) we could take as many pictures as we wanted.

The Well Gate:
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (16).JPG

Observatory (I think):
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (17).JPG

The Punch Bowl (which had flames coming out of it on special occasions, although no one now is quite sure how):
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (19).JPG

The South Terrace:
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (20).JPG

View over towards what I think is Keppel's Column:
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (22).JPG

Temple of Hercules (an essential garden feature for any fashionable Whig):
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (24).JPG Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (23).JPG

Camellia House (falling down, but I'm told that the camellia's don't seem to mind):
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (26).JPG

The West Front (less impressive than the East Front, but also habitable and inhabited):
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (36).JPG

After a tour that lasted somewhat longer than scheduled, because we were all taken up with admiring everything, I said good bye to the house for now, but took one last stroll to photograph the entrance to the stable block:
Wentworth Woodhouse 310515 (41).JPG

Later on this summer, I plan to go back and sample another tour, probably the Clifford Tour.
Tags: architectural heritage, for reference, gardens, inspiration, photos, real life, restoration
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