Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Garden Photos

As promised to akane42me, I took some photos of my garden the other night.

The tree at the top end is still in need of attention:
Back Garden 290615 (1).JPG

As are the climbing plants on the wall and fence behind (next to?) it:
Back Garden 290615 (2).JPG

But the geraniums in the Wendy House windowboxes should be flowering any day now:
Back Garden 290615 (3).JPG

Those of you who've been paying attention may remember my experiments in replanting the two of the box-beds. Well on of them seems to have some self-seeded lettuces in amongst the golden beetroot I planted:
Back Garden 290615 (4).JPG Back Garden 290615 (5).JPG

Meanwhile, in the old trough, the rose I brought all the way from Hampshire is really putting the other one to shame (still sulking after I moved it 10cm to the left?):
Back Garden 290615 (6).JPG

As the houses are built on the old pleasure grounds of a grand mansion, we get some stunning plants growing without much effort, and all the gardens smell lovely when I go out with my watering can in the evening.
Tags: architectural heritage, gardens, inspiration, photos, plant life, restoration, winning at life
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