Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Bamford Well Dressing

I was at Mum and Dad's last night, which gave me a chance to see the Well Dressing as soon as it went up this morning. I hadn't had a chance to help construct it this year, so I was prepared to be pleasantly surprised by whatever theme had been chosen:

It's the Gardening Society's Centerary!
Well Dressing 110715 (1).JPG Well Dressing 110715 (2).JPG

Meanwhile, the Children's Well Dressing is following this year's Carnival theme of musicals:
Well Dressing 110715 (3).JPG Well Dressing 110715 (4).JPG

Having viewed the Well Dressings, I walked down to the garden centre and bought a veronica from the lost and lonely plants table. It's now installed at the front of the house between the rosemary and the buddlia. Photos to follow when the sun comes back out.

While wandering around the village with my plant, I also came across several notices informing all and sundry that under a 1947 Act of Parliament the main road will be closed to 'carts, carriages and other vehicles' for half an hour next Sunday in order that the people of the village may enjoy the 'event or pageant known as BAMFORD CARNIVAL'. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but it's difficult to read a flat image of a piece of A4 wrapped round a lamp-post:
Carnival Notice 110715 (1).jpg Carnival Notice 110715 (2).jpg
Tags: festivities, gardens, out and about, photos, real life, truth stranger than fiction, winning at life
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