Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Sewing Machines

As I may have mentioned, I now own two treadle sewing machines. The Jones that originally belonged to Nana has travelled up and down the country with me on a promise of one day being repaired, while the Singer that Dad rescued from a barn two months ago is in serious need of at least a clean up before I can have it in any of the rooms I've finished renovating. It may eventually need its missing veneer replacing, but I'll try rubbing it down and waxing or staining the woodwork first.

And here they are in what's going to be the Dining Room...

The Jones:
Jones Sewing Machine 020815 (3).JPG Jones Sewing Machine 020815 (4).JPG

And the Singer (with the Jones in the background):
Singer Sewing Machine 020815 (3).JPG Singer Sewing Machine 020815 (2).JPG

There's a man in town who should be able to help me with the mechanical parts and with getting hold of new belts, so I should end up with a pair of decorative and useful pieces of furniture.
Tags: for reference, photos, real life, restoration, winning at life
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