Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Busy, Busy

This has been a month of many projects. I've edited as far as Chapter 15 in Searching for Julia, and tidied up various pieces of clunky structure. However, I now have a researcher/collaborator who is delighting in finding out the history of my central family (considering that the line officially died out in the twelfth century, she's set herself one enormous task). This is fun for me too: I'm on a major romp through bits of English history that they skipped when I was at school. The novel will be much richer for it too. Suddenly Linda is developing a connection to the estate beyond 'it's pretty' and 'the house has lots of art'. She's immersing herself in the history of the place and realising just what it is that makes people do anything and everything in their power to keep it intact.

Meanwhile I wrote and submitted my short story for the UK Meet anthology, and then realised where I was going wrong with my other story. It didn't want to be a flashfic, but one of the characters in it was quite happy to tell a related story that definitely fits the word count. I finally got that transcribed from paper to computer today and will tidy it up tomorrow.

Also today I wrote up the nonfiction piece that's been percolating in my brain ever since I was asked for my editorial input on someone else's article back in February. rebecca_cohen did a lightening beta this afternoon and that's now been submitted as well.

Next month there'll be more work on ...Julia, and I'll attempt to flesh out the short story that didn't want to be a flashfic into something I can submit to the BBC's short story competition.
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