Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Writing Progress in Numbers

I've been using McKoala's methods to keep track of my writing, editing and submissions progress. I got off to a good start, slumped last month, then really picked up again this month. As can be seen below...

Words Written: 1,537+4,825+406+829+948=8,545 (three points)

Words Edited: 41,747 (eight points)

Fiction Submitted: What Katy Did on Holiday (one point)

Nonfiction Submitted: An article on Medical Writing (one point)

Total = thirteen points

Which means that the Koala very much approves as per my icon.

Shall now go back and add in posts detailing my January and February achievements.
Tags: mckoala, on writing, posting elsewhere, publishing
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