Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Pigeon Drama

While waiting for moth2fic and fledge to visit today, I thought I saw something hit one of the windows at the back of the house and flutter down to the ground. I didn't see anything when I walked down from the top patio to the back door, so I assumed whatever it was had gone.

My visitors arrived and we sat in the front room. While pondering whether the kettle had boiled yet, I noticed what seemed to be a tail sticking out from behind the stereo cabinet. First thought: But my dried puffer fish is in its drawer. Second thought: How did a taxidermy bird fall off its shelf and land there? Third thought: I don't own any taxidermy birds yet.

I went over to get a closer look, and sure enough there was a bird propped against the skirting board. I don't mind dead things, and I don't mind live things that have been mangled, but I have a bit of a squick factor when it comes to things whose status can only be determined by poking them with sticks (nor do I like picking up anything where rigor mortis is just starting to set in). So I bravely ran away in search of a dustpan and brush.

On my return, fledge had managed to get closer to the bird than I'd managed, and mostly convinced me that our intruder was alive and very shocked. So off I went again in search of a box... fledge made a grab for the bird, it tried to take off under the bookshelf and was duly dropped into the box. Meanwhile, Blue Cat sat on the windowsill ignoring us all.

So now we had a baby pigeon in a box in the garden. I phoned the long suffering receptionists at the practice who deal with my other animals, and they told us to bring it down. So we did. Job done.

In other news, moth2fic and I were talking about schools, including Casterton and Sedberg. I posted a WIP excerpt which mentioned the latter over on picowrimo today, and it's here if anyone wants to read it.
Tags: baby animals, finding rupert, picowrimo, real life, truth stranger than fiction
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