Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

My Current Schedule...

... involves having lots of plates spinning at once:

One flashfic off being beta'd.

One journal article awaiting final editorial comments.

One short story submitted last month.

One novel being edited prior to going out to a first round of betas (with its associated fake-history project about to get to the Wars of the Roses).

One novel waiting to be revised, after being put on one side for far too long.

3,000 words written out of an projected 10,000 for the first story in an exciting new project that will involve some writing of completely new pieces and some overhauling of old stories that have been languishing on hard drives and/or memory sticks for far too many years.

I'm also making vague plans to restart my too-long-on-hold YA novel for this year's picowrimo in November.

Day Job, what Day Job? ;-)

[ETA:] I'm in the New Forest all weekend, and I don't expect to have net access. You have been warned...
Tags: ebooks, on writing, uk meet
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