Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is what we woke up to this morning:

Christmas Tree 251216 (3).JPG

Lots of presents for three humans and one small bear (the bear's present was from an M&S employee on Oxford Street, who was entranced by his Santa outfit).

I'm taking a break from house renovations until the spring, and finally got the dining table and chairs out of the front room to may way for a Christmas tree:

Christmas 231216 (3).JPG

To celebrate having my dining room back, albeit not fully completed, I also made that a little festive:

Dining Room 241216 (8).JPG Dining Room 241216 (2).JPG

[ETA:] This is what the bear and I got:

Christmas Presents 251216 (3).JPG

More photos to come later.
Tags: festivities, inspiration, photos, real life, restoration
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