Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Christmas Lights in London

I was down in That London for work and social reasons the second weekend in December, and spent some time looking at the pretty lights (and also the window displays of the big stores -- John Lewis had a remarkably good selection based on their Christmas advert). So here are some photos...

Regent Street and around Piccadilly Circus were particularly pretty:
Christmas Lights 111216 (1).JPG Christmas Lights 111216 (4).JPG

Christmas Lights 111216 (6).JPG Christmas Lights 111216 (8).JPG

I was taken out for dinner in Christopher Square (a slightly secret place, reached via a tiny entrance next to H&M):
Christmas Lights 111216 (18).JPG

I had a little spare time before my train on the Monday, so I walked from my meeting location back to the Natural History Museum:
Christmas Lights 121216 (2).JPG Christmas Lights 121216 (6).JPG

Onwards past Harrods (all lit up like a giant gingerbread house):
Christmas Lights 121216 (10).JPG Christmas Lights 121216 (17).JPG

And into Piccadilly, where the arcades were all done up too, especially Princes Arcade, which I haven't really visited before:
Christmas Lights 121216 (36).JPG

I'll try and get more photos posted in 2017, perhaps even some more from 2016.
Tags: festivities, inspiration, out and about, photos, real life
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