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State of the WiPs

Having made a quantitative post last weekend, I thought this weekend might be a good point for me to review everything qualitatively.

Editing on Searching for Julia is chugging along nicely, although the first draft won't be complete until we have all the family history in place.

The flashfic I submitted in April was accepted for the anthology, and I sent back edits today.

I also heard today that the two short stories I submitted to the other anthology have been accepted, and I'm now awaiting edits.

The flashfic I put out a beta request for last night received some very kind comments, and I plan to apply the advice I received and then submit tomorrow.

Last month's short story for the longer term project is awaiting beta.

This month's short story stands at a tad over 4,000 words, and looks like being a long-ish one.

So here's an extract, in which Cynthia has gone shopping:


...Cynthia strode up to the counter.

Ozkan's older daughter greeted her with a cheery smile, and a Yorkshire-accented 'good morning'. No, they didn't sell the item Cynthia wanted; for that she would need to visit the feed merchant and agricultural supplies depot, up at the top of the hill.

Cynthia thought about her good walking boots back at the house, and about the egg all alone in her airing cupboard. There was a bus, of course, but -- she checked her watch -- the next one wouldn't be due for a good forty-five minutes yet. Then the bus back, unless she walked part of the way: taking up more of her morning, would mean another wait of almost an hour.

"I'm going that way myself after here."

Cynthia turned, and her gaze tracked up until she was looking into a pair of dark-blue eyes set deep in a weather-beaten face. Few men were noticeably taller than her, but this man was a giant, an impression enhanced further by his shaggy beard and hair, both rich brown shot through with grey.

"I'm Matthew." He held out a gnarled paw for Cynthia to shake, then nodded to the girl behind the counter. "Iris here can vouch for the fact I'm not dangerous."


I think Matt is the first hero I've ever written as taller than all the other characters around him.
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