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Out and About with a Camera

I've taken a lot of photos recently, mostly of places or building styles I may want to write about at some point.

First off I went to Marwell Zoo briefly on the 16th of April. Lots of animals, but also a rather smashing house that I've never really paid much attention to before.

Back view

Front view

The day after, I was lazing around when it occurred to me there was still time to go somewhere for a couple of hours. So off I drove to Portchester Castle.

The keep

The church viewed from the keep

The main part of the castle viewed from over by the church

Full set is here

The following Saturday, I wanted to go to Netley Abbey but it was shut. So I went to Titchfield Abbey instead.

The entrance




Full set is here

Then the following Saturday I went to Minster Lovell Hall, which has a fascinating tale or two attached to it. Including the tale of the last Lord Lovell who may have died while hiding in a secret cellar room.





Full set starts here

On the day of the Royal Wedding, I visited the Weald and Downland Museum, and took many photos. The set starts here and has been tweaked slightly to form a logical tour of the entire site.

This staircase was particularly interesting, because I suspect there was a similar one in the Suffolk house before the men that rebuilt and extended it in the 1950s added one in the new part of the house.

Next time I have a quiet hour or so, I'll relabel the photos with better details.

On the Bank Holiday Monday I finally made it to Netley Abbey when it was open (after only three years of trying). Very pretty ruins indeed.

The Abbey




Full set starts here.
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