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Books Read and Listened To

A reasonably varied bunch here of won and library-borrowed books:

Last Rituals
by Yrsa Sigurdardottir
Translated by Bernard Scudder
Publisher by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd.
Print book
ISBN 13 9780340920633

A young man is found brutally murdered, his eyes gouged out. A student of Icelandic history in Reykjavik, he came from a wealthy German family who do not share the police's belief that his drug dealer murdered him. Attorney Thora Gudmundsdottir is commissioned by his family to find out the truth, with the help - and hindrance - of boorish ex-policeman Matthew Reich. Their investigations into his research take them deep into a grisly world of torture and witchcraft both past and present, as they draw ever closer to a killer gripped by a dangerous obsession...'

Borrowed from the library, and I'm still not sure what to make of it. I suspect some of the nuances were lost in the translation. Not convinced I'd read anything else by the author.

Lessons in Seduction
by Charlie Cochrane
Print bookk
Published by Samhain Publishing Ltd
ISBN 13: 9781605049281

The suspected murder of the king’s ex-mistress is Cambridge dons Orlando Coppersmith and Jonty Stewart’s most prestigious case yet. And the most challenging, since clues are as hard to come by as the killer’s possible motive.

At the hotel where the body was found, Orlando goes undercover as a professional dancing partner while Jonty checks in as a guest. It helps the investigation, but it also means limiting their communication to glances across the dance floor. It’s sheer agony.

A series of anonymous letters warns the sleuths they’ll be sorry if they don’t drop the investigation. When another murder follows, Jonty is convinced their involvement might have caused the victim’s death. Yet they can’t stop, for this second killing brings to light a wealth of hidden secrets.

For Orlando, the letters pose a more personal threat. He worries that someone will blow his cover and discover their own deepest secret… The intimate relationship he enjoys with Jonty could not only get them thrown out of Cambridge, but arrested for indecency.

I won this one! And this series just keeps getting better and better, with yet more backstory for the main characters and several intriguing subplots that will hopefully carry on through the next book(s). I particularly liked the sense that the characters left back in Cambridge were getting on with their lives through the snippets we saw of their correspondence. One day I'll have read them all and then shall have to start reading them all over again.

Murder on the Flying Scotsman
by Carola Dunn
Published by Constable and Robinson
Print book
ISBN 13 9781849013307

Daisy's in danger of heading off the rails! Daisy's embarking on a journey to Edinburgh and her biggest worry is that she has forgotten her book, so how will she pass the time? Her concern proves to be pointless, however, as once the journey begins Daisy finds a pint-sized stowaway on board - Belinda, the daughter of dreamy Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, Daisy's beau. No sooner has this problem revealed itself than Daisy and Belinda run into a bickering Scottish clan en route to the deathbed of the head of the family. But before the express reaches its first stop, one of the greedy McGowans has turned up dead. Is it murder? Daisy's willing to bet her first-class ticket it is after all, the victim was the heir-in-waiting and she's sharing the carriage with an entire family of suspects who have everything to gain by his death.

Daisy shows yet again that she can't go anywhere without finding a murder, but this time she has a helper in the form of young Belinda, who has stowed away in hope of catching up with her father -- off solving crimes in Northumberland. Fabulous stuff as always, with a large collection of mostly unlikeable suspects.

Lesbian Cops: Erotic Investigations
Edited by Sacchi Green
Published by Cleis Press
Print book
ISBN 13: 9781573446518 I

What is it about lesbian cops that pushes all the right buttons (and some of the deliciously transgressive wrong ones?) It’s not just the uniform, with handcuffs and weapons, or the confidence, authority, and sense of danger. The intrinsic appeal of women taking on roles that have traditionally been seen as hyper-masculine is part of it, of course. To hold their own they need to be hyper-strong, in body, mind, and strength of will. That’s intensely sexy, for me, at least, and if you’ve read this far I suspect it is for you too.

But there’s something more as well, an irresistible force that these writers have channeled into fiercely erotic stories of policewomen in or out of uniform, on patrol or undercover, in charge or in need of healing, on the case or under the sheets.

Another book that I won, but would have bought anyway. Not a bad story amongst them, although I liked some more than others. Lots of variety to dip into, and I'll definitely be rereading all these time and again.

Sarah's Key
by Tatiana de Rosnay
Published by John Murray General Publishing Division
Audio book
ISBN 13: 9780719524523

Paris, July 1942: Sarah, a ten year-old Jewish girl, is arrested by the French police in the middle of the night, along with her mother and father. Desperate to protect her younger brother, she locks him in a cupboard and promises to come back for him as soon as she can. Paris, May 2002: Julia Jarmond, an American journalist, is asked to write about the 60th anniversary of the Vel' d'Hiv'--the infamous day in 1942 when French police rounded up thousands of Jewish men, women and children, in order to send them to concentration camps. Sarah's Key is the poignant story of two families, forever linked and haunted by one of the darkest days in France's past. In this emotionally intense, page-turning novel, Tatiana de Rosnay reveals the guilt brought on by long-buried secrets and the damage that the truth can inflict when they finally come unravelled.

Borrowed from the library, and I couldn't find the exact edition online. A captivating story that is destined from the start to have several less than happy endings for the various characters. Definitely one I'd like to pick up again to read for myself.
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