Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

May's Writing Progress in Numbers

Continuing with McKoala's methods to keep track of my writing, editing and submissions progress, here's what I managed this month.

Another busy month, and one that was difficult to quantify properly, since lots of my editing was only little tweaks to stories that had been submitted and accepted.

So, just counting the one story that required more post-submission editing, and the one that I edited after my beta had at it, we end up with:

Words Written: 1,085 + 27,192 = 28,277 (13 points)

Words Edited: 2,866 (final total) + 9,948 (final total) = 12,814 (3 points)

Fiction Submitted: Paint and Charmed By Prince Charming (2 points)

Total: 18 points

So the Koala should totally approve this month.
Tags: mckoala, on writing, posting elsewhere, publishing
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