Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

On Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

My festive break from writing seems to have gone on longer than intended. I decided to put the Young Adult novel aside while I worked on editing two other stories. One edit got done, but the other is ongoing.

I'd hit a stumbling block with the YA story, but I think I now see how to get around it, and I also have an idea how to improve the pacing of the novel I set aside quite some time ago.

The problem I have still, is that non-writing issues keep getting in the way. The weather seems to be the biggest problem. Either everything takes longer because of the outside conditions, leaving me with less time and energy to write, or I find myself outside my normal routine, and without my regular half hour over lunch in which to write.

The weather won't last forever, and nor will the other real life issues that are getting in the way. From today I'm back to keeping track of what I've done on which project each day, and I'll be making a note of my progress at the end of the week.

How about you? What deflects your momentum, and how do you overcome that obstacle?
Tags: on writing
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