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June's Writing Progress in Numbers

After storming along in May, June was a quiet month, mostly spent checking copy-edits and thinking about what I needed to write, rather than doing any actual writing or editing.

So, continuing with McKoala's methods to keep track of my writing, editing and submissions progress, here's what I managed this month.

Words Written: 5,788 + 2,350 + 1,940 + 250 + 250 = 10,578 (4 points)

And that's pretty much it.

Total: 4 points

So I'm tempted to ask the Koala to let me take this month off.

To cheer myself slightly, here are the two 250 word pieces in rough form. Written for my Writers' Group, but may also be incorporated into blurbs at some point:


Matthew's a big chap – tall as well as broad – but otherwise unremarkable. His hair and beard are mostly brown still, although his skin becomes more like a walnut after each summer spent outdoors. His nose is big, his hands are big, his feet are big, yet he can move from outside to in, from field to wood, from the shade of one tree to the next without a sound.

He left school as soon as he could, with a handful of almost-decent CSEs, but he's never been without a job for more than a week. Point at any bird, any mammal or any common plant, and he'll know what it is – usually in more detail than most books. Show him a building that needs repaired or a rough design for a piece of furniture and he'll explain the best way of going about the task, coming up with exactly what's needed. It's best not to enquire too closely where his supplies and equipment come from.

Matthew owns two suits – one for funerals and one for weddings, christenings and interviews – although neither's seen much use. His other clothes come from the stores at work, or from the work wear department of the local agricultural merchant. He lives on his own, but wishes his son would visit occasionally – or even phone him – and would quite like a best friend again. Sarah was his best friend before she died, and Matthew thinks maybe he and Cynthia could come to an understanding eventually.


Cynthia is made of angles, which she softens with careful clothing choices. She favours loose blouses and flowing skirts, purple for preference, and sensible shoes – although she loves to wear high-heeled mules when no one's watching. She's on the tall side of average, but worries about towering over people. In a previous life, she worried that she was always looking upwards to hold conversations, and that people thought her less confident because of that. Cynthia doesn't hide who and what she used to be, but she only talks about him with people she trusts.

Cynthia likes to make things, and she likes to help people. She's performing her penance for the years that he spent hoarding his ill-gotten, though perfectly legal if not completely moral, gains. He was a city trader, but Cynthia doesn't consider that she ever was. She was born from his ashes at the age of thirty – or thereabouts – and created herself to be as different from him as possible, although they were both products of the same parents, the same childhood, and the same university education.

Cynthia's only been in love once – with Sophie – and doesn't expect to fall in love again. She cares deeply about Matthew, loves him even, but she's not in love with him. They're neither of them young any more, but they've still got years ahead of them. Much better to be gently happy than to spark some great fire that burns out in less than a decade. Above all, Cynthia's a realist.

I'm taking part in the mid-year picowrimo this month, so hopefully that will spawn a lot more words. Plus I have a ton of editing to get back to.
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