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Erekos: Spreading the Word

The fabulous Erekos is coming out in print very soon, and there's a competition on to win an ARC (ie get your hands on it before everyone else, and for free at that). Here are the details:

As you all know by now, Erekos, the stunning lyric fantasy debut by A.M. Tuomala, is coming to print in September! That's right, you'll be able to pick up a trade paperback edition of this jaw-dropping tale - one of the most beautifully written stories we've come across in a long time - in just a few short months.

But patience, while a virtue, is a tough thing to have. So Candlemark & Gleam wanted to offer you a chance to get your hands on an Advance Reading Copy of the book. One lucky entrant will get an early edition of the book, in their hot little hands more than a month before it hits the bookstore shelves!

While you can enter to win simply by plugging your name into a handy-dandy form, you can also earn extra entries by promoting the book!

Write a blog post, and get an extra entry.
Tweet about the giveaway using #erekos and get another extra entry.
Write a review of the book and get TWO extra entries!
Do something creative - write a haiku, make an Erekos tee shirt, dress up like a swamp witch, make an iconset, stage a dramatic reading at the coffee shop - and you'll get THREE extra entries.

If you do extra things, like blogging or tweeting or neat creative stuff, please send us links so we can confirm your entries.

The contest ends on July 15, so get your thinking caps on and enter now!

And that's not all! A second person will win an ARC on the basis of their creativity! Y'see, using a random number generator to pick a winner just isn't all that fun. So we wanted to get you in on the action. Therefore, a second ARC will go out to whoever does the most creative promotion for the book, as determined by the Candlemark & Gleam staff and our in-house parrot (he's an excellent self-promoter, and therefore an ideal judge).

If you don't happen to win one of these two ARCs, never fear - you can still preorder your copy of Erekos now, and get a lot of fun, fantastic, exclusive extras by doing so.

Enter now!

Not sure what I'm talking about? My review is here.
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