Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Photos in Lieu of an Actual Post

Up in Derbyshire, and it's wet out there, but also the day of the Village Carnival. So I popped out earlier to see what's been happening with the renovations on Nana's old cottage, and saw this:

It's a Well Dressing of the topical event style theme rather than what I think of as the more traditional biblical or local legend themes. The building behind used to be the village bank, but has been sadly abandoned for a few years now.

And then we went to the cottage, and I mostly held off taking photos as I'll be back before the new tenant moves in but after the work's finished (I hope!). I did however photograph this just before it got taken down:

It's the ceiling light from the front room, looking not too out of place in an early 19th Century terraced cottage, and will shortly be moving into my 1969 house to hang over the dining table in place of the 1970s lamp that has seen better days. Previously in the ceiling lamp's life, it hung in the private living room of Nana's pub, and so may date from when the pub was extensively remodeled in the 1920s or '30s (I shall investigate later).
Tags: inspiration, photos, real life
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