Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Technology or Furniture?

The weekend just gone included an expedition to retrieve furniture followed by much rearranging of rooms to fit it all in. Sadly much of it needs repair before I can show off my family heirlooms but two items may explain why I gave a soft spot for steampunk.

This has travelled with me quite a lot, even though it's needed a new belt since before I inherited it. There's a bit of rust where damp got into the tray below the sewing machine itself, and it needs a polish, but checking the drawers we found a whole host of little notes from Nana on how to care for it correctly.

It's now in a corner of my dining area, hence the odd angles from which the photos were taken.

This moved from my Parents' house straight to where I am now, so it's in pretty good condition, although the tuner needs a new spring before I can use it and not all vinyl albums will fit the turntable.

Again, we have all kinds of random extras with it, but I'm always open to offers of more.

Hopefully this will work...
Tags: inspiration, photos, real life
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