Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Little Moreton Hall

While I was up in Derbyshire at the end of last month, I visited Little Moreton Hall:

It's a property I visited many times as a child, and while it was mostly as I remembered it, everything seemed much smaller.

More photos:

Ducks and koi carp seem to be happily sharing the moat, but I do worry that I only saw one duckling:

The courtyard with its amazing collection of windows and the carpenter's details carved above them:

The windows from the inside:

Wood panelling:

Scale model to show just what went wrong with the Long Gallery's addition:

Servants' Room showing the shelf where unmarried women slept (the origin for 'on the shelf'):

Fireplace showing just how much some of the rooms have twisted:

The garden (with some lovely herbs and vegetables around the edge and around the outside):

Full set of pictures starts at

If you're puzzling over why the whole house appears on the verge of collapse, the Long Gallery is balanced on the ceiling of the floor below, rather than on the supporting walls.
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