Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Ghostly and Ghastly

I have a book -- this one to be precise -- that absolutely terrified me as a child. Well, not all of it, it includes 'The Canterville Ghost', which I remember very fondly, but the other stories were mostly not along the lines of that one. It also left me in great fear of the cellar at Nana's house, which I was glad to see Dad has blocked up semi-permanently by building shelves over the trapdoor.

I had the idea just now of rereading both 'The Thing in the Cellar' and 'Remembering Lee', but having fetched the book off the shelf I think I'll wait for a nice sunny day. Especially as the book also includes 'The Haunted Doll's House' and I'd quite like to sleep tonight not wondering what's going to jump out of my doll's house when I'm not looking.

How about you? Do you have childhood books that you're not entirely sure whether or not you want to revisit? What makes for a really scary story anyway?
Tags: inspiration, print books, real life
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