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Two Smashing Reviews of Tea and Crumpet

Tea and Crumpet continues to get lovely reviews from all over the place.

Cryselle gave us 4.5 marbles/divas on her review, posted both on Dark
Divas and her own blog, saying "Tea and Crumpet is a charming
collection of short stories from British authors in all their native

She had originally planned to review all the stories individually, but in
the end she singled out her three favourites to comment on, one of which was my
The Utterly True History of Guy Alien and the Rise and Fall of His Band, X-Wing
. She said:

[The story] is one of the non-standard-romance stories, though Stevie Carroll reveals the relationships and the caring. Part is a magazine exposé, part the reactions of the readers, it lets the identities of the readers unveil slowly, and by the end, you'll be utterly content with the lovers..

And Coffee Time Romance ( gave it 4 out of 5 cups, and some really lovely comments! Including:

The Utterly True Story of Guy Alien and the Rise and Fall of His Band X-Wing

He has this image in his head and Guy will not stop until his band is exactly what it is meant to be.

James recalls his time with Guy as one would while dealing with a wayward child.

Guy finds that the music industry will eat you up and spit you out if you cannot change with the times, and this is something he has a very hard time doing. He sets James aside for something more conforming, and in the end, he finds himself right where he started.

As James reflects on Guy’s career you feel his sense of fondness if not exasperation with a man who could not be true to himself.


What Katy Did on Holiday

Before school is in session once again it is time to get out and explore her world, although Katy Parker is not quite sure where to start.

She travels with her aunt and does illustrations for her books, but Helena feels the need for something more in her life.

Katy cannot believe her good fortune when she learns that her favorite author is doing a book signing near her hotel, and that is only the beginning. Katy and Helena hit it off right away, but they both know anything more will have to be put on hold.

That spark of instant attraction glows bright between Katy and Helena, and you long to learn more of their story.

Hurrah for good reviews!
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