Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Grand Day Out Part One

Monday was a Bank Holiday, so off I went to the coast (or rather a different bit of coast, seeing as I technically live on the coast already. After much driving I arrived at Dover, parked in a big field, and wandered down to the Castle.

Dover Castle is HUGE. I saw all the medieval (and earlier) parts and some of the later bits, but decided against the 30 to 50 minute queues for the underground WWII displays in favour of making the most of the weather elsewhere. I took photos, but the light wasn't great for some reason.

Big guns reached via the medieval tunnels

Underground, overground... (routes to the tunnels and the battlements)

View from the top

Roman lighthouse

Saxon Church

Peverell's Gate

Yes, that Peverell/Peveril family, apparently

And from the other side

I'm still puzzling over the name, although it has been renamed at least twice in the castle's history. After all the Peverells fell out of favour in Henry II's time and he was the one that did most of the work on the castle. Interesting fictional theories need to be formed.

Constable's Gate (the main way in and out of the Castle

After all that clambering about, I decided it was time for some walking. More on which later...

[ETA:]Full set starts here.
Tags: inspiration, photos, real life
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