Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Classic Cars and a Stately Home

Two of my favourite things, although not my very favourite, as can be seen from the way I'm typing things up out of order.

So the weekend before last I went on a classic car run with smtfhw as my trusty navigator. Admittedly we were without classic car due to mine having a hole in the petrol tank, but we saw plenty of stunning ones, both on our run and mysteriously going in completely the opposite direction (we think there was also an MG run in the same area). Not that there weren't MGs on our run too.

After some stunning countryside and a couple of stops (more on which later as one deserves a post of its own), we arrived at Weston, where I took many photos of the cars, some of the house, and a couple of the grounds.

Sadly the deer got rather overexcited about being photographed and ran around all over the place, so I didn't get as many pictures of them as I'd have liked.

More on our other discovery tomorrow.
Tags: inspiration, photos, real life
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