Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Cannock Chase German War Cemetery

As previously mentioned, I felt that these pictures deserved a post in their own right.

Soon after the halfway point on the Classic Car run, we started seeing signs for the German War Cemetery. Intrigued (why did neither of us know it existed?) we pulled into the parking area next to a small cemetery. This turned out to be a Commonwealth War Cemetery, although there were also graves of German servicemen from both World Wars.

Having looked around, we drove down a narrow track, and found the German War Cemetery, which covered a much larger area. Further investigation led to the discovery that this was where most German servicemen who died or were washed up on UK shores were eventually buried, including the complete crews of four airships and a considerable number of others who were never identified.

Stone at the entrance to the cemetery

Stone and graves for the crews of four zeppelins shot down in WWI



A very moving visit indeed.
Tags: for reference, inspiration, out and about, photos, real life
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