Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Couple of 'It's not Just me, is it?' Questions

Following on from a conversation last night:

1) The Austin 1100. In a 1970s setting, does this scream 'sensible, frugal, not very adventurous character' or will modern readers who aren't me be completely confused? Switching to a Ford Escort would be an option, although a very cliched one. [ETA:] Maybe frugal's not quite the right word, I know there were plenty of cheaper cars out there. More along the lines of 'in decently paid job, but not wanting to throw money around, although she's had enough coming in to save up for something a little bigger than a Mini'.

2) Back in the days before CCTV and digital cameras, or even high-speed film processing, weren't police artists more common? Wouldn't it make sense, in a crime/accident involving the death of a police officer and taking place within walking distance of a police station for someone to grab the police artist and have them sketch the scene and/or what witnesses could remember immediately of a potential suspect?

Question 2 relates to a scene I'm probably going to scrap, but I may still want to allude to what might happen, even if it doesn't, if you get my drift.
Tags: for reference, on writing
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