Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Postal Excitement

While getting ready to go on a trip to Fishbourne this morning (there ought to be photos later), the post arrived with a thud that sounded too large to go with anything I might have been expecting. Rushing downstairs to check that all the pictures were still up, that the cats hadn't destroyed anything, and that no one had tried to drop off a baby elephant, I found a very large parcel from Lynne Connolly containing not only the book I hadn't managed to collect off her at the Festival of Romance, but also the next one after that in the series. Double Richard and Rose! Definitely cheering after my rather disappointing evening last night.

Also unexpectedly in the post (for values of 'I forgot I ordered that') was an envelope from Candlemark and Gleam containing a bookmark, an iron-on Springden Academy Crest, and a Hickey of the Beast postcard signed by the author. Now I need a suitable item of clothing to put it on, so that I can continue to publicise the book when I'm out and about.

I know everyone's always asking this, but what author and/or book-related swag do folks round here like best?
Tags: inspiration, publishing, real life
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