Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

October's Writing Progress in Numbers

Continuing with McKoala's methods to keep track of my writing, editing and submissions progress, here's what I managed this month.

9,659 + 3,700 = 13,359 words written, giving me 5 points.

1 synopsis written = 1 point.

One first chapter submitted to an editor prior to pitching to her at a lit fest = 1 point.

One guest post written giving me 1 point.

3,200 + 6,772 = 9,972 words of edits = 2 points.

Non-fiction me now has 3/4 of a website, which may or may not count as a point (I'm saying not for now, and keeping that point opportunity for when fiction-writing me gets a website as well).

Giving a grand total of 10 points, meaning that the Koala approves of me this month.
Tags: mckoala, on writing, posting elsewhere
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