Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Last Saturday various of us from the local Community Project went on a trip to Fishbourne seeking inspiration for the mosaics we plan to make for the revamped shopping area.

The first mosaics were uncovered in 1960, and some parts of the palace are, alas, under roads and houses, but the parts that remain are most impressive.

Most of the mosaics are laid out as and where they were found, although since their first discovery concrete has been laid under them, its undulations following those of the ground as it was beneath the mosaics.

There's also a splendid example of how Roman central heating systems were built:

Not to mention the famous, and complete, 'Boy on Dolphin' mosaic:

After the palace burned down towards the end of Roman times, it was lost from view, and some decades later, four bodies were interred in the middle of the remains of the mosaics:

When the mosaics were being restored, earlier designs were found underneath some of them:

Outside, we found reconstructions of the original formal gardens:

And the kitchen gardens:

There was even a potting shed:

With a very surly animatronic gardener inside:

If you need any further incentive to visit, the cafe is one of the best I've visited at a historical site.

Full set of photos starts here.
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