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A Brief Change of Writing Pace

Today at the Hope Valley Lit Fest, on which there will be a full report later, I took part in Alan Brown's session on reading and writing picture books. Those of you who read Tea and Crumpet may remember that Katy of 'What Katy Did on Holiday' was very fond of the Mrs Murgatroyd books. So I wrote one at the end of the workshop.

Mrs Murgatroyd and the Missing Doll

Mrs Murgatroyd lives in a van. She drives from town to town with a giant rabbit called Bunny. They solve mysteries.

Today is bright and sunny. Mrs Murgatroyd's van is parked by the swings. The grass is green and covered with flowers. So is the van.

Mrs Murgatroyd steps out of the van and stretches. She reaches right up towards teh sky. Bunny hops out after her. Hop. Hop.

A little girl stumbles towards the swings, rubbing her eyes. Her Mummy follows, pushing a pram.
"What's wrong?" says Mrs Murgatroyd.
"I lost my doll," she sniffs.

Where's the doll?
Is it on the swing?
Is it under the swing?
Is it on the slide?

Mrs Murgatroyd looks for the doll.
The little girl looks for the doll.
Bunny looks for the doll.

What has Mrs Murgatroyd found?
Is it the doll?
No, it's the bear.
A brown bear that growls.
"Grrrr" says the bear.

What has the little girl found?
Is it the doll?
No, it's a truck.
A truck with a hooter.
"Parp! Parp!" says the truck.

What has Bunny found?
Is it the doll?

"Thank you!" says the girl.
"Thank you!" says the girl's Mummy.
They all have tea.


I read my story aloud, and can highly recommend Alan's Love-a-Duck to anyone that likes picture books.
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