Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Choices, choices...

In preparation for a new round of revisions to Searching for Julia, I've been looking at maps. I'm ordering a custom map (OS Select Landranger) to cover the majority of the area in the story as it is right now without having to jump between two (or three) maps all the time. I also want a couple of maps of the area as it was prior to the main body of the story. So, do I get the two maps that cover virtually the whole area I want for approximately the same year, or do I get the map that covers most of the area I want for two different years? the years in question being 1837-1842/1840-1844 and 1902-3/1903.

Buying All the Maps would be very naughty right now, when I'm trying to economise, especially as there are many other maps I could buy on top of the ones I've mentioned.
Tags: asking the hive mind, for reference, inspiration
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