Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Book Haul (secondhand reference works)

This morning I walked over to the Oxfam Books and Music shop in town, on the off-chance they might have maps of the ages and areas I'm interested in. I resisted all the maps of other ages and areas (they might come in useful one day, but...) and still ended up with a very full bookbag. Mostly I bought reference books:

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (on historical principles): two volumes
Victorian Pharmacy: book of the BBC series
What Jane Austen Ate and What Charles Dickens Knew: I've been wanting a copy for ages.

After all that, three cheap romances (all by authors I was looking for) and a Bryan Ferry CD (I'm working on Searching for Julia again: I need more Bryan Ferry) just filled the gaps in the bag nicely.

I also picked up a DVD of files retrieved from a very old PC that hadn't worked in a couple of years, and then discovered that Dad has maps that will fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge (although not all of them).
Tags: for reference, out and about, real life
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