Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

On Reading Aloud

Quizzing people all over the place about this one...

I have a twenty to twenty-five minute slot in which to do a reading at EasterCon. Which means either the entirety of one of my shorter short stories, or part of one of the novellas (plus one of its very short companion pieces). Which do people think would go down better? I quite like the idea of reading the whole of 'The Footballer's Mistress', except that one makes me cry at the ending every time I work on it. Alternatively I could read extract(s) from 'The Woman Who Hatched a Fairy's Egg' along with 'Matthew and the Flutterby People', which is possibly more representative of the collection as a whole.

People who know about doing these things, which is easier on an audience? Which is easier on the author, for that matter?
Tags: asking the hive mind, my stories, out and about, real life
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