Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Mining a Rich New Seam of Research Material

That chance remark Dad made on Saturday about the Earl of Wharnecliffe got me wondering what information was out there relating to the more colourful aspects of his life. Googling that eventually led me to a website full of short oral histories, not all of which mention the Earl, but many of which will be useful for other research purposes. The index is here and I'm yet to listen to all of the, nevermind explore the rest of the site. I've also found the website for the Earl's former pub, the Wortley Arms, which may have a few snippets relating to the pub's early history from which I'll be able to dig up more background facts relating to coaching inns.

Having chatted to Dad again, I now also need to dig further for information on the Fitzwilliam family (Sheffield Simplex, contact details for Catherine Bailey who wrote the book Black Diamonds about that family's coal mining links, and information on the Earl of Effingham who was involved with the Sheffield Automobile Club. Dad's not got far with any of those, but perhaps I'll trip over something he's missed.
Tags: for reference, inspiration, on the internet, on writing
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