Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

January's Writing and Editing in Numbers

More editing than writing to begin the year, although I did write a guest post for clarelondon that posted in January and that I forgot to count in December. So...

1 guest blog-post = 1 point

4,020 words written (new story, still tentatively titled Sweet Reunion) = 1 point

57,941 words of pre-submission edits (Hawks and Dragon, Mr Singh Confronts the Minotaur and Seven for the Devil) = 11 points

Three stories submitted (as listed above) = 3 points

35,375 words edited post-submission (Charmed by Prince Charming, Breaking the Silence and half of Seven for the Devil) = 7 points

Giving a total of 23 points and making the Koala very happy.
Tags: mckoala, on writing, posting elsewhere
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