Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Update on Sunday's London Trip and Thursday at the NMM

The amazing jessie_lansdel has been playing with the photos I took last Sunday. Go over there and shower her with praise.

I was back in London on Thursday for a Write Queer London event. Arriving early, and finding out where the event was to happen from the third member of staff I asked, I popped into the cafe for a panini and a pot of Earl Grey. About a third of the available space was taken up with mothers and very well-behaved tiny babies, and I had a brief chat with a marginally bigger baby who wanted to make me into her minion for the picking up of toys.

The workshop itself took place in the seminar room, where we were provided with a wide selection of hot beverages and two types of muffin. The group was quite mixed, and I don't think anyone other than the workshop leader (Nancy Campbell) identified as a poet. One of the group is however researching Captain Edward Rigby who sounds a very interesting chap.

We based our work on Mary Lacy's Female Shipwright, previously reviewed by anteros_lmc here and on the ballad style exemplified by Charles Causley's Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience.

First we were all randomly assigned a part of the story on which to base a verse of the ballad. Having read those out, we set about composing ballads of our own. Mine was a long and highly anachronistic tale of a duchess running away with her maid to become pirates. I was very surprised at managing to write such a long poem, even if some of the rhymes were questionable. I haven't done anything of the sort in years.

All in all a grand day out, and I even fitted in a visit to the Fitzroy Tavern before heading home.

[ETA:] I got home to a small flood in the kitchen, but that's all fixed now. Silly people, whoever it was decided that the washing machine should empty via a long unlagged pipe on the outside of the house...
Tags: inspiration, on writing, out and about, poems, real life
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