Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Saturday at the Geffrye Museum

I was slightly thwarted by trains on Saturday, and missed the start of the talk at the Geffrye Museum, although what I caught of it was excellent. Alison Oram spoke about gay and lesbian lives and scandals in the 1950s, with particular reference to popular newspapers and some well-publicised murder cases. At the same time, there was a growing awareness in the same papers that homosexual desires and behaviours were more widespread than had previously been acknowledged. My notebook is now packed with references to either Google or track down in the library.

After a break for tea and biscuits, we had a writing workshop, with a variety of 1950s items from the Handling Cupboard to inspire us. The session was led by Cherry Smyth and there was at least one other poet present. For the first part of the session, we all had to pick one item and wwrite about it in relation to a relationship. I picked the red telephone.

For the second part, we were let loose in the Museum to write about the 1950's room, or any other room that took our fancy. I was a little less inspired by this part, but still produced poetry.

Finally, when we'd all read out our work, I had time for afternoon tea in the Museum Cafe and a short browse in the Museum Shop. I need to go to London more often.
Tags: for reference, inspiration, on writing, out and about
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