Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

On Romance Novels and Safer Sex

There are times when I can overlook the issue of condoms and other precautions against pregnancy and/or STDs in novels (although, as a huge fan of Lynne Connolly's wonderful Georgian stories, I sometimes wince when other m/f writers' historical characters consistently fail to think about the possibility of their actions having consequences).

However, when the heroine has already suffered medical problems due to an unplanned pregnancy and subsequent complications, and the hero is best described as the village slapper, then you'd expect them to stock up on condoms and pay a visit to the private clinic in town for testing before embarking on any kind of sexual relationship. Okay, the latter isn't very romantic, so maybe that doesn't need to be mentioned explicitly, but I really don't want multiple plot twists that derive from the irresponsibility of one or both parties in relation to the entire subject.

There was a mention of safe sex by the village GP at one point, but no one seemed to have been listening to him. A shame, because the book had a lot of elements to it that I usually like (plus some others I didn't, but they can wait until I write a full review).

Over to you. How much realism to you want from a story on this topic? What plot points put you off a book that would otherwise be just your thing?
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