Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

On Photography

I've never really thought of my photography as a hobby, or even particularly as art. It's just something I do, and there are plenty of days when I don't take my camera with me on an expedition, and plenty of others when I take my camera and never use it. On the other hand, I like to have a visual record of anything I'm likely to describe in words later, and I like sharing my pictures with other people.

So I'm not sure how to describe what I do, except to note that I've been paying a lot more attention to composition lately, and that I still like a lot of the photos I took in the past.

I also note that I need to take my camera out with me more often, as one of my current regular journeys has many places where I really ought to stop off and make a record of what's there.
Tags: out and about, photos, real life
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