Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

EasterCon Part Four

A slightly shorter report this time, as I left the con relatively early.

After checking out of my hotel room, I headed straight to 'Performance for the Petrified' on how to give a successful reading. Opening quote: Calmness is only three breaths away.

We went through useful tips on choosing a reading, practicing and then reading it in front of others, before taking turns to read to the group. I'd packed all my printed-out stories, but had a copy of Tea and Crumpet in my bag, and so read from The Rise and Fall of Guy Alien.... A very useful session, but sadly I had to rush off before the end since my panel was up next.

'What TV Shows Would We Like to See?' prompted some lively discussion, although I'm not sure everyone bought into my pleas for Multi-cultural Middle-aged Lesbians in Space or Anything SF where the female leads are friends. Ah, well...

After that I had an hour off, and then went to 'Sherlock (how well do the TV series and films work?)', which again was very lively, although I'm not sure much new came out of it, except a possible rec for books by Carole Nelson Douglas.

My final panel of the weekend was 'Blakes 7: What are Big Finish doing to our show?', the answer being narrated stories and novels. I need to investigate further.

All in all, an excellent EasterCon, and I'm strongly considering Glasgow in two years' time.
Tags: eastercon, my stories, out and about, real life
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